The Novels

The Kate Huntington mystery series is set in Towson, Maryland, a densely populated town on the outskirts of Baltimore City. It is also the county seat of Baltimore County.

The photo above is of Towson’s business district, where Kate’s and Rob’s offices are located. The small dome in the distance is on the oldest building of Towson University, where Kate sometimes gives guest lectures.

Books one through three are now available as e-books.  Book 4, Celebrity Status, will be out in Fall, 2012.

MULTIPLE MOTIVES, A Kate Huntington Mystery

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington is good friends with Rob Franklin, a lawyer who has handled the legal matters of many of her clients through the years. They are both happily married to wonderful people.

But others sometimes have trouble believing that a man and woman can be just friends. Now the all too common assumption that there must be something more between them may end up getting them arrested…or killed.

When a series of what seems like random events–a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time–takes a sinister twist toward murder, it becomes apparent that they have a common enemy. But the lead police detective has a different theory. He’s convinced Kate and Rob are lovers who have decided that murder is cheaper than divorce. He only seems interested in building a case against them.

As the attacks continue to escalate, Kate and Rob must combine their brain power–as well as some inner strengths they didn’t even know they had–to find and trap a killer… before someone else they love is hurt or killed.

Who hates them enough to want them both dead? And doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire!

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WARNING: If you haven’t read Multiple Motives yet, you may not want to read any further. There are spoilers re: Book 1 in the following descriptions.

ILL-TIME ENTANGLEMENTS, A Kate Huntington Mystery (Book 2)

Kate Huntington, widowed while still pregnant with her daughter, knows she never would have made it through the last year without the support of her closest friends, Rob and Liz Franklin. So when Rob’s great aunt, a best-selling author of historical romances, is accused of plagiarism and Rob asks for Kate’s help, she can’t possibly say no.

He’s in the middle of a major custody case and his octogenarian aunt has to be in New York to meet with her publishers in two days. He asks Kate to chauffeur Aunt Betty to this meeting and help her cope with the messy business.

But when Kate arrives at Betty Franklin’s retirement community in Lancaster, PA, she discovers things have gotten a lot messier. Betty’s accuser is dead and the local police detective is giving off signals that he thinks Betty is the murderer.

Unfortunately the pool of suspects is huge. Just about every resident at The Villages had reason to dislike the victim. When Kate and her friends start asking questions, they begin to have ‘accidental’ brushes with death themselves. Somebody doesn’t like that they are poking around in people’s pasts. Meanwhile the elderly residents are continuing to die off, and not from old age.

Things become even more complicated when Kate is amazed to discover her interest in romance may be coming back to life, despite the fact that she still talks to her beloved Eddie in her head. Two men ask her out in as many days. She tells them both no, it’s still too soon after her husband’s death, but she has trouble denying her growing attraction to one of them. When Rob arrives, still in stress overload from his tough case, he doesn’t handle the situation well. Could he be jealous?

As they attempt to narrow down the field of suspects and stop a murderer before he or she kills again, Kate begins to fear what this whole mess might end up costing her… a second chance at love, her friendship with Rob, the life of someone she holds dear, or maybe even her own.


FAMILY FALLACIES, A Kate Huntington Mystery (Book 3)

After seven months of maternity leave, Kate Huntington is thrilled to be returning to the work she loves. She is soon reminded, however, of the negatives of being a psychotherapist–no shows, passive-aggressive clients and emergency calls, to name a few.

She has just gotten settled into her new routine–working part-time, caring for her infant daughter and going on ‘non-dates’ to get to know the man who would like to be her lover–when anonymous and disturbing notes start appearing at the counseling center where she works.

Then she encounters the psychotherapist’s worst nightmare. She is being sued for malpractice, accused of planting false memories of child abuse in the mind of one of her clients. She’s dealt with far greater stressors in the past but this time there’s a difference. There’s very little that Kate can do about either situation directly. She must rely on her friends instead. Skip Canfield and Rose Hernandez, who have just started their own private investigating agency, are looking into the source of the notes while Rob Franklin is gearing up to defend her against the lawsuit.

Rob is soon defending Kate against a lot worse. When one of the people involved in the lawsuit ends up dead, she becomes a murder suspect! Meanwhile the sender of the anonymous notes has upped the ante and is making veiled threats against members of Kate’s family, including her child.

When she turns to her would-be boyfriend for support, he vows to do everything within his power to protect the woman and child whom he secretly hopes will someday be his family.

As the sexual energy between them heats up, the weight of so many changes and pressures in her life is becoming more than even a strong woman like Kate can handle. Rob has had his misgivings about her too-handsome-to-be-trusted suitor, but now the two men must work together to support the woman they both love.. . and help her find a killer before he or she goes after Kate’s baby girl.


CELEBRITY STATUS, A Kate Huntignton Mystery (Book 4)

(COVER REVEAL SOON!  Warning: If you haven’t read Family Fallacies yet, there are a couple small spoilers in this.)

Kate Huntington is back, now married to the very patient man who has courted her through the last two books in the series. Life is good. She has her own private practice, the kids are thriving and the PI agency Skip co-owns is steadily growing.

But perhaps Canfield and Hernandez is doing a little too well. They have attracted their first celebrity client, and they soon come to hope she’s their last. Pop singer, Cherise Martin, is being stalked by an anonymous fan with a twisted concept of love. Before Skip realizes just how twisted, he involves first his psychotherapist wife and then their lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, in the case.

 Soon their mundane lives as everyday citizens are being reported, and distorted, all over the tabloid press. Nothing they try–not restraining orders, threats of lawsuits nor even Skip’s imposing size–seems to be sufficient to stop the unrelenting paparazzi, or the stalker.

 Skip Canfield is a strong man, emotionally as well as physically, but everyone has their limits. When hints of his wife having an affair with Rob are added to his feelings of helplessness over being unable to protect his family, the big man is terrified he will lose the life he loves–his wife, his kids, his dreams.